Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Advocates – Advocates are appointed by the parties or by the presiding judge to each case. They are to help the petitioner and/or respondent in a case to exercise and defend their rights through use of the law and the presented facts. A list of Advocates is available through the Tribunal.

Annulment Companions – Appointed by the parish priest and trained by the Tribunal staff, these individuals meet with those who think they are in need of an annulment. The annulment companion assists the individual in ascertaining what type of annulment they may need and in preparing their opening documents for submission to the Tribunal. To obtain the name of the annulment companion in your parish or a nearby parish, call the Tribunal at (904) 800-2393 or call your parish office.

Dispute Resolution Procedure – The dispute resolution procedures of the Diocese of St. Augustine are based on the presumption that parties in a dispute desire a settlement in an equitable fashion and are willing to work toward an amicable settlement. The process attempts to protect the interests of all parties involved, aiming at the resolution of the grievance. Click here to download policy.

Hearing Officers – Are appointed to assist in resolving disputes of a civil nature that may arise between a person and a parish or diocesan agency or between parishes or diocesan agencies.