Prison Ministry

Department Staff

John Chick

(904) 293-3807

Diocese of St. Augustine Prison Ministry program serves 17 counties from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, with more than 38 major prisons and 17 county jails. Our mission is to serve the men on death row and confinement as well as those who the criminal justice system has determined belong in prison without judging their guilt or innocence, but who wish to practice their faith.

“I (we) can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 

Our services consist of providing inmates with religious reading materials, cell-front ministry, Mass, reconciliation, bible studies, RCIA and counseling.

We also provide Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion services to groups of inmates, typically in a prison chapel or library, with lay ministers and clergy. We arrange Mass and reconciliation from a priest that is cleared to enter a Department of Corrections (DOC) facility or one of our county jails on regularly scheduled days. Priests or deacons are also available for pastoral visits or spiritual direction for death row, confinement and level 7 maximum security prison inmates or those awaiting trial in our jails.

Want to be a volunteer?

The diocesan prison ministry program keeps growing with more facilities being added and more inmates wanting coverage at existing facilities. We ask you to pray and see if the Holy Spirit might be calling you to join our Prison Ministry Team in some capacity.


If you would like to help the jail and prison ministry, please consider making a donation. The best way to do this is through the button or QR code below. Then follow these steps:

  • “Where would like your donation to be applied?”
  • Select “Ministry” Under, “Ministry”
  • Select “Prison Ministry”

Stay Connected

If you are interested in the jail or prison ministry and would like to join our team, please visit us on Boards! Here you will find information on all jails and prisons, and be able to stay up to date with our team.

You will be asked for your email to join the Board, and then you will need to make an account. This extra step will allow you to easily stay connected and communicate with the team when needed.

John Chick, Diocese of St. Augustine director of prison ministry, sits down with Finding Your Frequency host Brian Sexton on a Buzz Magazine show to discuss prison ministry.