The St. Augustine Catholic

Since its inception in 1991, the St. Augustine Catholic magazine has provided Catholics of North Florida with inspiring stories, Catholic world perspectives, informative news and activities occurring at home in parishes, schools and the many ministries of the diocese – and just about anything related to living your life as a Catholic.

Our goal is to provide our readers with inspirational stories that will enrich their faith lives, increase awareness of programs and services offered by the diocese and provide Catholics with the tools they need to grow in their understanding of their faith and the mission of the church.

The St. Augustine Catholic puts the power of faith to work in your everyday life and highlights the benefits of being Catholic. And as you learn more about the teachings of the church we hope you will feel engaged and want to share the message of hope and love of Christ with others.

The St. Augustine Catholic is published bimonthly – six times a year and is a gift for parishioners in the Diocese of St. Augustine from Bishop Felipe Estévez and your parish. To receive your free copy, all you have to do is register in your parish and the magazine will be mailed to your home every other month.

And for those of you that prefer to read electronic magazines on the go, there is a digital version of the St. Augustine Catholic, which can be downloaded by clicking the banner on our homepage.

We love feedback, let us hear from you! Email us at diocese@dosafl.com.