Pre Cana Online

Pre Cana Online

The “Online” Pre Cana option provides you with the opportunity to complete your marriage preparation from wherever you are, even if you and your fiancé are in different cities or even if one of you are deployed to another country by the military.

The program will provide both an overview of God’s design for joy in marriage and practical skills for bringing it about. Each couple is encouraged to reflect and discuss privately the topics raised during this online course.


  1. Before registering: Talk with your parish priest or deacon first.  You will need to determine with the parish whether this is your best option for marriage preparation, before enrolling.

  2. Register: Once this option has been approved by your parish priest or deacon, click on the “register” button below. Cost is $195 per couple.

  3. Select “Catholic Marriage Prep Class”. Please note that the “Learn NFP Online” course is for couples who are unable to take live NFP preparation.

  4. Technical Issues: Please note that this course is offered by a third party provider, therefore any technical /login issues need to be addressed directly with the provider using the contact information they will provide on your login screen.

Acceptance in The Diocese of St. Augustine

While this course has been generally approved for use in the Diocese of St. Augustine, please discuss with your parish about the possibility of taking this course prior to registering for any marriage preparation course. The priest of deacon preparing you for marriage will determine what is required for you to be married at the parish and they may have a preference.

Marriage Prep Topics Covered

  • Communication
  • Conflict and Forgiveness
  • Children and Parenting
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Theology of the Body
  • Faith and Prayer
  • Liturgy and Ceremony
  • Commitment
  • Sacrament of Marriage
  • Family of Origin
  • Keeping Sex Alive
  • Goal Setting and Money Matters
  • Work and Life Balance

Cost / What it includes

$195 per couple includes:

  • 12 month access to review  sessions that helped you most
  • Catholic Couple Checkup premarital inventory, $30 value
  • Downloadable e-books on relationships and finances ($35 combined value)