The “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion”

A Message from Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier

I was troubled when I learned of the effort to amend the Florida Constitution to enshrine abortion. Now that the Florida Supreme Court has confirmed that the amendment will be on the ballot this November it is crucial that voters reject the proposal.

Efforts are underway to educate the public about the risks of this amendment. The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops stands united in opposing this disregard for life. More information will be provided as we work to inform voters about the dangers of this amendment.

The debate around abortion has persisted throughout my entire life. Personally, I have witnessed the profound suffering of women who have chosen abortion. While society has a responsibility to support women and families, terminating a child’s life never leads to a solution.

Key arguments promoting abortion often overlook a crucial point. Phrases like “abortion is healthcare” or “my body, my choice” ignore the fact that another life is at stake. Once a baby is conceived, there is another body to consider. It can never be considered healthcare when it results in the death of another person.

The lives of many mothers are complex, and the news of a pregnancy is not always met with joy. While we should strive to improve the lives of those who struggle, we must remember that the unborn child is never to blame.

In this photo provided by the Florida Supreme Court, the justices are seen. Front row, (l) to (r): Justice Charles T. Canady; Chief Justice Carlos G. Muñiz; Justice Jorge Labarga. Back row, (l) to (r): Justice Renatha Francis; Justice John D. Couriel; Justice Jamie R. Grosshans; Justice Meredith Sasso. (Florida Supreme Court via KBI)

In the coming months, there will be a significant amount of information about the “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion.” It’s essential not to ignore this information and to understand what is being proposed. The title itself is misleading because the government should prioritize protecting life.

Lastly, we must recognize that this is also a spiritual battle. Any effort to end life must be resisted with prayer. Remember, God’s strength and seek his grace. Only with the power of the Holy Spirit can we help shape our society to value the gift of new life.

Click here for a Spanish translation of Bishop Erik T. Pohlmeier’s message.

Click here for a statement from Michael B. Sheedy, executive director of the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, which includes a brief they filed with the Florida Supreme Court.

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