Bishop Felipe Estévez Responds to Violence at U.S. Capital

“Like you, I found the events that took place in our nation’s capital this week (Jan. 6) very distressing. Our Republic was founded on the ideals of reasoned debate and respect for the rule of law in order to promote and protect the equal dignity and God-given rights of every person. While citizens have the right to voice their concerns to those with legitimate authority, the violence of the mob should never be allowed to interfere with our high calling.

I ask that we take the current situation as an opportunity to renew our Christian commitment to be people of peace and reconciliation. I ask that we pledge ourselves to prayer and fasting for the healing of our nation, which is riven by discord. May we have recourse to Mary, patroness of our nation, to lead us to a deeper faith in her Son, the Prince of Peace. And as we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord, may the grace of our own baptism be renewed as we seek to be faithful witnesses to Christ’s peace to all citizens.”

Most Rev. Felipe J. Estévez
Bishop of St. Augustine
Jan. 7, 2021

Click here to read the bishop’s statement in Spanish.