November 1st Begins Florida Adoption Month

From Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office of Adoption and Child Protection

November is Florida Adoption Month, a time to celebrate adoption finalizations, express thanks to the parents, staff and many stakeholders who work throughout the year to find permanent families for children in need, and bring attention to the children who are still searching for their forever family. On any given day in Florida, there are over 800 children available for adoption without an identified family. This includes large sibling groups, teenagers, and children with medical conditions. During the month, Florida will highlight “30 Days of Amazing Children” to focus on the children who are still waiting and hoping for a family of their own. There are many who can make a positive difference for a child in need of a family.

For more information on available children, how you can start your adoption journey, and associated benefits, please visit www.adoptflorida.org or call 1-800-96-ADOPT. Together, we can ensure children without a family can find one who will love and support them!