Télé Lumière Brings Hope to Middle Eastern Christians

A century ago, Christians made up 20 percent of the population in the Middle East. Today, that number is as low as five percent, found a recent report commissioned by UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

While it’s difficult to imagine not being able to openly practice one’s religion, it’s a reality for many Christians across the Middle East. But thanks to the television station Télé Lumière, a light is being shined on the plight of Christians, giving them hope.

Dr. Bassam Rizk, a board member of Noursat-USA, explains the importance of Télé Lumière:

Q: What is Télé Lumière?

A: It is the only media outlet in the Middle East that reports on the plight of Christian minorities and works diligently to alleviate their suffering. It is not associated with any political party or movement, does not broadcast any political views and does not accept or promote any commercial endorsements. As a non-profit broadcasting station, it survives only from various donations given by its supporters and friends.

Q: What is Noursat?

A: In 2003, Télé Lumière celebrated its 12th anniversary with the launching of its satellite station, Noursat, covering Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. A year later, Noursat began its official broadcast in North and South America, Canada and Australia. Télé Lumière and its satellite station Noursat produce and air Christian religious, educational, and liturgical shows for Christian viewers in the Middle East and around the world.

Q: Why support Télé Lumière/Noursat?

A: Because it is the only means of bringing the voice of Christ and his promised hope to many persecuted Christians in the Middle East prevented from practicing freely their faith. It’s the only platform used by the Christian communities throughout the Middle East to voice their pleas for justice and peace in the land that is the cradle of Christianity yet in danger of extinction. Unless we as Christians stand together and do something, this station will no longer be able to operate. At present, it is operating under a 2-million-dollar deficit.

Worshippers pray during Mass at St. George Chaldean Catholic Church March 16, 2017, in Tel Esqof, Iraq. (CNS photo/Marko Djurica, Reuters

Q: Who is promoting and supporting this effort?

A: The Catholic and Orthodox Middle Eastern churches of Jacksonville have teamed up to support Télé Lumière, and Bishop Felipe Estévez of the Diocese of St Augustine gave it his full support.

Q: How can you support Telelumiere/Noursat?

A: Our churches have all joined together to support this worthy cause to keep  Christianity alive in everyone’s home. A concert will be held at UNF Robinson Theater on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. by the internationally-acclaimed Lebanese singer, Tania Kassis, who will perform in Arabic, French, English & Spanish to raise funds for our cause. Learn more about her at www.taniakassis.com. All proceeds will go to Télé Lumière /Noursat. Bishop Estévez will attend as guest of honor.

Share in Tele Lumiere’s message of witnessing to our Lord Jesus Christ by becoming a sponsor and/or by attending the event. There are 3 levels of sponsorship:

Diamond Sponsor: $5,000 (includes 10 free tickets)

Gold Sponsor:  $1,000 (includes 4 free tickets)

Silver Sponsor:  $500 (includes 2 free  tickets)

You can also support the event by becoming a “Friend of Tele Lumiere” for $100 (does not include concert tickets); or by buying tickets at $60 each. Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to “Noursat”.

For details. contact Dr. Bassam Rizk by calling (904)-731-3131 or email basri@comcast.net.­ To learn more about Télé Lumière/Noursat, visit www.noursat.com.