St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Gets New Office Space

After years of close quarters at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Live Oak, the parish has finally opened its new office space. Bishop Felipe Estévez blessed and dedicated the new building after the 6 p.m. Mass, Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Father Anthony Basso outside of new office space. (photo by Woody Huband)

The cost of the project totaled $54,000. San José parish donated $22,000 to build the office space, while the rest of the money was donated by the Diocese of St. Augustine.

“We donated because we believe in stewardship,” said Father Greg Fay, pastor of San José. “It’s simply helping those that need our help.”

According to Sherri Ortega, secretary at St. Francis Xavier, the new office space is closer to the church, has ample work space and is much more professional than the previous setup.

“Hopefully, we’ll have adequate space for priests and eventually a seminarian can live comfortably in the facility, which will allow us to expand our evangelization in the community,” said Father Anthony Basso, pastor of St. Francis Xavier.

The new facility will accommodate clergy, priests and deacons.

“I’d like to thank the bishop, churches and clergy for their support and sacrifice,” said Father Basso.

Bishop Felipe Estévez sprinkles holy water around the new office space. (photo by Woody Huband)