Still Recovering from Hurricane Irma? Relief is on the way

There will be 20 volunteers from the World Renew organization coming to Jacksonville, arriving May 21.

From the 22nd through the 2nd of June they will be canvasing neighborhoods still recovering from Hurricane Irma to do what is called a “needs assessment.” Their efforts will include hosting two walk-in centers at the locations noted in the attached handout. This work is very important in that it will help us in quantifying the critical needs of families that are still not addressed. They, in turn, will be providing the North Florida LTRO (Long Term Recovery Organization) with a comprehensive report of the building materials, appliances, furniture, emotional and spiritual support, etc. necessary to assist us in bringing some sense of normalcy to the lives of our friends and neighbors.

Help us disseminate this informational flyer to help those in the community locate the relief walk-in centers.