Free Webinar on Pornography for Parents and Church Leaders

The Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP), will host a free webinar entitled Parents, Kids and Porn: The Conversation on May 15 (noon) and May 22 (8 p.m.). The webinar will address how to initiate age appropriate discussion free of fear and shame, how to approach technology, social media and pornography and ultimately how to provide ways to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty in homes where parents are the go-to person for their children.

Webinar Presenters are Jasper Hall, Jr., president of pureHOPE, and Dan Martin, a pastor and seminar speaker based in Fairview, Texas.

RAAP has members from the Orthodox Church, several Protestant Churches, and representatives from the Jewish and Muslim communities. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and Bishop Paul Loverde serve on RAAP for USCCB.

This webinar is for parents, clergy and all Catholic leadership. Register at .