This Lent CRS Rice Bowl Asks You to Share the Journey

As Pope Francis asks us to “Share the Journey” with migrants and refugees around the world, Catholic Relief Services’ (CRS) Rice Bowl offers Catholics in the United States a way to encounter Lent, to encounter the causes of migration and displacement, and to learn about the challenges faced by families around the world in their dioceses, parishes and homes.

CRS Rice Bowl, the agency’s flagship Lenten program now in its fifth decade, will begin once again on Ash Wednesday – Feb. 14 – giving Catholics throughout the country an opportunity to encounter the stories of people in need around the world.

“From CRS’ work in more than 100 countries, we know that people do not want to leave their homes, that they do so because they feel they have no other choice,” said Joan Rosenhauer, executive vice president of Church Engagement. “Lenten sacrifices contributed through CRS Rice Bowl help give them that choice by providing sustenance and livelihoods in communities around the world.”

CRS Rice Bowl began as an ecumenical effort in the diocese of Allentown, Penn. in 1975. It soon spread across the country as it called on Catholics to perform a simple act of Lenten sacrifice – substitute a low-cost meatless meal for more expensive dining once a week during Lent and put the money saved in a cardboard rice bowl.

That concept remains at the heart of the program even as it has expanded to include broader Lenten faith enrichment through a wide variety of resources available for Catholics who participate. These include prayer resources, a daily Lenten calendar, weekly stories of hope that introduce families from around the world and recipes from various countries for meatless meals that can be enjoyed on Fridays during Lent.

Funds collected in the rice bowls, which are turned in at the end of Lent, are distributed both around the world and in local communities to combat hunger. Seventy-five percent of every donation goes to CRS programming in targeted countries worldwide while 25 percent remains in the local diocese from which the donation came, supporting initiatives that help alleviate poverty.

But the goal is to go beyond collecting money and spur discussions – both in churches and around family dinner tables – about the meaning of Lent and the daily reality that people living in poverty face.

“We see CRS Rice Bowl as much more than a fund-raising opportunity,” said Rosenhauer. “It is an opportunity for Catholics in America to encounter what Lent means, what poverty means, what resilience means, what hope means.

“We want families to participate together so they can experience the joyous feeling of solidarity that comes from generosity and sacrifice,” she said. “We know from years of experience that CRS Rice Bowl can be life-changing.”

“CRS Rice Bowl does far more than feed people,” said Rosenhauer. “It also helps develop agriculture so that families and communities can support themselves. As we heed the request of Pope Francis and ‘Share the Journey,’ we know that the best way you can help a migrant is to make sure that she doesn’t have to leave home in the first place. That’s what CRS Rice Bowl can help accomplish.”

This year’s weekly Lenten features are:

Week 1:  Encounter Majd from Iraq
Serve this simple meal from Iraq: Lablabi Soup/Chickpea soup.

Week 2:   Encounter Cesia from Nicaragua
Serve this simple meal from Nicaragua: Sopa de queso/Cheese soup.

Week 3:  Encounter Safiata from Burkina Faso
Serve this simple meal from Burkina Faso: Bean Cakes

Week 4: Encounter Andrise from Haiti
Serve this simple meal from Haiti: Haitian Vegetable Stew

Week 5: Encounter Alefa from Malawi
Serve this simple meal from Malawi: Ujeni Ndiwo/Vegetables with rice

CRS Rice Bowl materials are designed for families, parishes, educators, universities, and dioceses. They are available in print, on the web, and through the mobile app, and in both English and Spanish.

Printed materials can be ordered for groups of 25 or more for free. Call 800-222-0025 or visit crsricebowl.org to place an order.

Join the CRS Rice Bowl Facebook group and download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

To learn more about CRS Rice Bowl, visit crsricebowl.org.