God & Jesus Christ


The notion of the one, true God we find in God’s own revelation in the book of Isaiah, where he says: “You are my witnesses’, says the Lord, ‘and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me”” (Is. 43:10). Furthermore, in John 17:3, we see Jesus addressing his Father, saying, “And this is eternal life, that they know you – the only true God.” There is no doubt the early Christians took God at his own word, and were even willing to bet their lives on the fact that there is only one God.

In the early period of the church, Christians often experienced extreme persecution, at times undergoing the pains of a martyrs death rather than pledging allegiance to any other [false] gods.

As the early Christians, we proclaim the “oneness” of the Godhead, who has revealed himself as one and true, and made himself known to us not only through his servants – the prophets – but lastly through the incarnation of his son, Jesus Christ.

So often in our culture we are confronted by some who say they do not believe in God or claim God does not exist. However, the existence of God can be easily inferred by the use of our human reason alone.

For instance, consider the complexity of the earth and all its living organisms, and the vastness of the universe, is it possible that all of that was put together by a matter of chance? Or consider how things come into and out of existence over time as if they have been placed on a path toward a specified end. As innately inquisitive persons, we tend to look at the world around us as a result of cause and effect. But, is it possible to have an infinite number of causes and effects without eventually arriving back to a particular source of these causes and effects? In other words, who or waht put all of these causes into motion? For instance, would it be possible to have an infinite number of human beings stretching back through time that continues generating offspring for no reason whatsoever? The answer simply is no, as it would mean humans are the cause of their own existence.

Reason would tell us that there must be a source from which all life is derived, and that source we call God, who is the beginning and end to which all things are ordered.

Jesus Christ

We believe Jesus Christ is the promised Lord and Redeemer of the world. The name Jesus itself means “savior” or “redeemer” which is also an indication of his mission (Matthew 1:21).

The title of “Christ” is derived from the Greek word – or Hebrew Meshiach or Messias – meaning “anointed.” In the Old Testament, prophets, priests and kings were ritually anointed before entering their exalted offices and were referred to as “The Lord’s anointed.” Jesus is particularly the most anointed as he is the promised messiah, and is at once our prophet, priest and king (cf. Acts 3:22; Hebrews 4:14; John 18:37).

Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God, because he is the Second Person of the most holy Trinity, being one nature and essence with God the Father.

Not only is Jesus fully God but also fully human, taking flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. As man, He redeemed us by His Blood, and in that same human nature will one day be our Judge, and our King forever (Is. 43:18-19; Is. 65:17; Rev. 21:5).