Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage by Bishop Felipe J. Estévez

The U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong today when it redefined marriage and now forces states to license and recognize marriages between two persons of the same sex. Man and woman were designed by God for each other, and only a man and woman can form a union that brings forth children.


Bishop Felipe J. Estévez

From the very beginning of sacred Scripture, God reveals this plan for the human race. The Supreme Court rejected this absolute truth endorsing moral relativism, which endangers the very foundation of the family. It is the life-giving union of man and woman that initiates the family and society depends on this institution to thrive.

Our commitment to proclaim the truth, goodness and beauty of marriage and family remains stronger than ever. We must increase our efforts to strengthen marriages and families and rebuild a culture of marriage. We respect the opinions of others and we love all persons regardless of their positions on this moral question.

We hope our state and our country will protect the religious freedom of institutions and individuals to proclaim without prejudice our moral and religious convictions.