Training our youth to be leaders

Youth from around the diocese who are involved in their parish Youth Ministry, will be participating in a weeklong leadership training program, July 21-25, at Marywood in St. Johns.

Sponsored by the Center for Ministry Development, YouthLeader is a proven youth leadership development program that focuses on helping young people learn skills, gain insight into Christian leadership, and connect their values to their leadership roles. The program uses a variety of learning methods such as presentations, media, experiences, simulations, role plays, discussion, and skills practice.

Topics include tips on leadership values and skills, and discipleship. Teens will learn life-long skills such as the importance of making proactive choices rather than reactive ones that will help in both their personal relationships and in leadership situations.

Also, participants will learn how to develop strong communications skills; proper group facilitation; win-win negotiating skills; planning, and other leadership must-haves.

In addition, teens will be challenged to bring faith into action by exploring the qualities of Jesus as a leader and applying them to contemporary situations; learn the value of prayerful reflection, and more.

For more information contact your Parish Youth Minister or the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, (904) 262-3200, ext. 189.